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Altitude Composites
Altitude Composites

Welcome to Altitude Composites!

a carbon fiber bicycle repair company

About Us

Altitude Composites is a  Colorado based carbon fiber bicycle repair company. We specialize in all types of structural carbon fiber bike repairs. We have been in the cycle industry for over 20 years, providing our customers with exceptional quality, unmatched customer service and expedited repairs.

Why choose us?

Branching from the Aerospace Industry with a passion for bicycles, Altitude Composites was born. It is because of our time within the Aerospace Industry that our team has higher standards than most.  With engineering support at our disposal, you can be sure that your composite repair will be performed with the highest level of integrity.

We know that every repair is different.  Altitude Composites will look at each repair on an individual basis and provide you with a free quote that is catered to YOUR bike and YOUR repair.  Whether it’s a minor repair on a chain stay or a complete tube failure, remember that Altitude Composites can get you back in the saddle.  

What's Next?

Give us a call or send an email if you would like to schedule a no-cost inspection! ! If you're not located in CO, not a problem, you can ship your bike to us and we'll ship it back when it's finished.

Contact Us

Call, email or text! We'd love to hear from you!

*Please include photos if you are requesting a quote

Altitude Composites

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Fantastic. Altitude Composites fixed me right up.

I had another bike fall into mine during transport to the trailhead, which thoroughly ruined my day. I thought the frame was toast. Luckily I found AC. Jon was very helpful and accommodating to my needs. The result of the carbon patch was ten fold better than I could have imagined. Thanks again Jon!

– Nick

I called Altitude Composites with a cracked mountain bike frame 4 days before I had a big bike trip planned. Not only did they get my bike fixed in plenty of time for my trip, when I picked the bike up, it looked great. I could tell that extra care had been taken in both the repair and the presentation of my bike. It is worth noting that another company told me they could get my bike done on time for an EXTRA $300. Altitude took my bike in and happily had it done in 3 days without trying to uncharge me. I would not hesitate to use this company again. 




Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Parker, CO

Q: How do I get my bike to you?

A: You would either bring the bike to us or ship it to us if you are not local.

Q:What is the typical turn around time for a repair job?

A: 5-10 days is an average turn around time for a repair. 

Q: What if I need my bike back in a couple days for a race or ride?

A: We will do our best to accommodate you. An expedited repair fee may apply. 

Q: Do you paint frames?

A: At this time, we do not. We do have paint shops that we can refer you to though. 

Q: Do I need to bring my bike to you to get a quote?

A: We prefer to see the damage in person to give a accurate quote. However, sometimes we can tell how much a repair will cost based on pictures.

Q: If multiple tubes are broken, is my bike still repairable?

A: In most cases, it can be.

Q: If the tube is broken in half, can it be repaired?

A: In most cases, it can be.

Q: If I break my drop-out off, is it repairable?

A: In most cases, it can be.

Q: Do you repair front forks, handlebars, head tubes and wheels?

A: For your safety, no we do not. 

Q: Is my bike safe to ride after you repair it?

A: Absolutely. You can go ride the same day you pick up.